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Most Popular Fencing Styles in Florida

Most Florida homeowners prefer to have fencing for their backyards. Fences can increase property value, keep children and pets safer, and add an overall unique appearance to your home. However, choosing the right style of fencing is more complicated than one might expect. It isn’t as simple as choosing a material and gate location. You have many different options with FloriFence to make your project stand out. 

Ornamental aluminum fencing

One of the simplest yet most fashionable fencing options for Florida residents is aluminum fencing. Though this fence is mostly decorative, it can add a rustic flair to your home. Aluminum offers a similar look to wrought iron but is lighter, more durable, and half the price. If you have plans for an ornate trellis with vines or simply a sturdy gate at your front entrance, aluminum is a great option for you. 

Picket and lattice fencing

If you like the look of wood fencing but want something more decorative, lattice and picket fencing are ideal options for Florida residents. These simple fence designs offer a peek into the outside world and have a classic look that many homeowners love. While lattice and picket styles provide less privacy, they add so much charm and style to your home. 

Tall vinyl fencing

For a more stately appearance, solid vinyl fencing is your best option. Vinyl is a waterproof material that comes in a multitude of powder-coated colors. Unlike wood fencing, this material can last 20 years or more with little to no maintenance. The powder coating rarely needs touchups, which is why we recommend vinyl to anyone looking for a simple, long-lasting fence option for their home. 

It’s important to note that your fence design choices may be limited to what your HOA allows as well as your proximity to the water. Waterfront houses can only have fencing that is four-foot-high or below, so be sure to discuss this with your FloriFence contractor before getting started. 

To learn more about your fencing options, contact our offices today!

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