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Learn more about Pinellas County codes and ordinances that might affect your fence

If you are building a fence on your property, you want to make sure that it adheres to the local ordinances in the county where you live. In Pinellas County, there are several that you should be aware of, and the county helpfully compiles a list of the codes and ordinances that are most commonly relevant to residents.

Pinellas County makes a distinction in their municipal codes for “decorative” fences: “Decorative as applied to fences means that a fence is made of PVC fence material, wrought iron, pre-fabricated metal, or aluminum pickets, or is a painted or stained shadow-box or board-on-board type fence.”

Unlike Hillsborough County’s classifications of property, there is only a distinction between residential areas and nonresidential areas in Pinellas County’s municipal code. Because Pinellas County is a peninsula, there is also a specific provision for waterfront properties.

Pinellas County also requires property owners to keep their fences in good condition: “All fences and walls shall be maintained in good repair and all surfaces thereof shall be kept painted or have similar protective coating where customarily necessary.” If you are in need of a qualified local fencing contractor to provide fence maintenance services, contact FloriFence today.

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