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Learn more about Hillsborough County codes and ordinances that might affect your fence

If you are building a fence on your property, you want to make sure that it adheres to the local ordinances in the county where you live. In Hillsborough County, there are several that you should be aware of, and the county helpfully compiles a list of the codes and ordinances that are most commonly relevant to residents.

Sec. 6.07 of the county’s municipal code is intended to “prescribe standards for fences and walls for the conservation and protection of property, the assurance of safety and security, the enhancement of privacy and the improvement of the visual environment including the provision of a neat appearance in keeping with neighborhood character.” It makes a distinction between fences and walls by saying that while the construction of a fence does not require a permit, the construction of a wall does because it is governed by the Florida Building Code.

Further, there are different regulations for fences if they are in residential districts, agricultural districts, commercial or office districts, industrial districts, special public interest or planned districts, or community plan districts or scenic roadways. A qualified, reputable fencing contractor like FloriFence will be familiar with the distinct requirements in each of these areas and help you select a fencing that complies with the municipal code.

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