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Landscaping Tips to Complement Your New Fence

Many homeowners are excited to start landscaping as soon as their new fence is installed. The end of one home improvement project inspires another, but it’s important to keep your new fence’s needs in mind when planting for spring and summer. Not all landscape designs are suitable for your fence type. By carefully planning around your fence’s needs and style, you can make your landscaping work for you long-term. 

Chain Link fencing

Some don’t like the look of chain link, but choose it for their fencing due to its practical advantages and low cost to install. If you don’t love the look of your chain link, choose large hedges and shrubs that will cover it without getting entangled in the spaces. Climbing vines can quickly overpower chain link and cause it to lean, so we don’t recommend them for covering your fence. 

Picket fencing

Picket fencing has a distinct cottage look that you can amplify with your landscaping choices. Because it is typically shorter than privacy fencing, you can really display a variety of beautiful flowers and shrubs in your front yard. We recommend planting brightly colored flowers next to your picket fence to add to the suburban charm. 

Wood privacy fencing

Wood fencing is popular in suburban neighborhoods, but it causes some unique challenges to landscaping. Because wood fencing needs more maintenance than metal or vinyl fencing, you can’t plant tall shrubs or hedges too close to it. You need access for cleaning, restaining, and inspecting, so we recommend either planting a few feet away from your fence or choosing shorter flowers that can easily be moved aside for maintenance. 

Aluminum and metal fencing

Aluminum fencing offers passersby a view into your yard, so we recommend choosing landscaping that is bright and colorful to attract the eye. Climbing vines are also suitable for aluminum fencing as long as you are diligent about pruning and don’t let them get out of control. 

FloriFence is here to help you make the most of your backyard project. To learn about how different fence materials will affect your landscaping, visit our resource center.

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