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Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree

Most high school seniors these days are pushed by parents and teachers to pursue college immediately after graduation. For most seniors, this is the logical progression for their careers and helps them transition from school life to working life. However, not all seniors will want to attend college after graduation. Whether they want to save money or are unsure of where they want to take their careers, this isn’t always the best option for young adults as they design their careers from scratch. 

If you or your high schooler is looking at alternative careers that don’t require college degrees, consider one of these five common (and potentially lucrative) routes: 


Those who work in sales don’t need formal training – they simply need a will to succeed and the interpersonal skills necessary to connect and communicate with their customers. While most salespeople start out small, a career in sales can lead to very high-paying positions. However, most sales jobs are based on commission, which can be difficult for young adults to manage at first. Talk to your seniors if they are money-smart to ensure they have the right tools to succeed in sales. 


A handyman is a person you call for things like leaking roofs, faulty plumbing, chipping paint, or other odd jobs you need to be done around the house. Though these maintenance specialists are not licensed in any one area of home maintenance (like plumbers or electricians are), they can make a very good living if they build a reputation for good work. 


Becoming a hairdresser, makeup artist, or another kind of cosmetologist can be very lucrative, especially in a wedding destination area like Florida. These professionals go to beauty school, which is typically more affordable and shorter than a four-year degree. However, the program is very intense and helps prepare students for all types of careers in the beauty industry. 

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents can make an incredible living if they are willing to work hard and gain the experience necessary to thrive in the field. Most states only require a state license test to become a qualified agent, which can help those not ready for college expedite their careers. 


Carpenters specialize in the construction and installation of wooden structures. They build anything from dining room tables to porches, fencing, and everything in between, and most get into the industry through an apprenticeship rather than through college. This line of work is great for anyone who enjoys working with their hands and staying active on the job. 

At FloriFence, we are always looking for qualified carpenters and construction workers to join our team. If you’re interested in joining the FloriFence team or in training within the industry, contact our offices today for open positions. 

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