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Is Wood Fencing Right for You?

FloriFence specializes in wood fencing installations for both residential and commercial areas. It is one of our most popular fencing options, especially for homeowners, because of its versatility and unique style. However, we want potential customers to have all of the information before choosing the right fencing material for them.

Below are some of the most-cited reasons why our customers choose wood fencing for their project:

Rustic appearance – Many people choose wood fencing simply because they like the look of it. For residential areas, it can make your fencing look more natural, especially in the backyard or garden area. You can stain it to have a natural deep brown hue or can paint it for a more modern look. No matter what you choose, wood fencing is a beautiful addition to any property. 

Affordable for most budgets – FloriFence can recommend wood fencing options for almost any price range. You can get simple wood fencing for an affordable rate, or stylized wood fencing if you have room to stretch your budget.

Easy to repair and maintain – Wood fencing does require maintenance, but if you keep up with it, there is no need to worry. Typically, wood fencing requires restaining or painting to keep it looking fresh. You also want to be on the lookout for any signs of damage and repair it before it causes structural issues. Other than these simple maintenance tasks, your wood fencing will be easy to keep clean and functional.

Provides plenty of privacy – Because it is a solid fencing option, it can provide great privacy for both commercial and residential areas. This is one reason we recommend wood fencing over chain link for those looking for affordable, full-coverage solutions. While wood is slightly more expensive, it provides that much-needed privacy for your property.

Comes in a variety of styles – Wood fencing can feature lattice, decorative gates and arbors, and so much more. It does not have to be a plain fencing option if you want a more decorative flair.

While there are many positive qualities to wood fencing, it is not the choice for everyone. The elements that make wood desirable for some property owners make it a hassle for others. It’s important to also carefully consider the downsides to wood fencing before making a decision on your materials. Below are some of the cons of wood fence installations:

Can be susceptible to rot, mold, and termites – Because wood is a natural building material, it is more difficult to maintain than other types of fencing. It must be properly to withstand Florida’s rainy season, and if you neglect maintenance, it will deteriorate over time. Some wood options like cedar fencing, however, can deter some insects.

Can split, warp, or crack over time – If not well-maintained, wood can also split or crack. This not only reduces the overall look, but it can be dangerous to people or pets who brush up against it. To keep the structural integrity of your fencing intact, be sure to maintain it properly.

Does not last as long as metal or synthetic materials. Wood fencing typically lasts 10-20 years, whereas other fencing materials like vinyl can last upward of 30 years. This is important to know if you do not want to have to replace your fencing throughout your property ownership.

At FloriFence, we offer a variety of wood fencing options for businesses and homeowners alike. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of wood fencing, contact us today!

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