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Is Wood Fencing Out of Style?

FloriFence has been in business for decades now, and we’ve seen every trend come and go. From different colors and gate designs to low and high fencing trends, we know what will stick around and what will be replaced in ten years. One question we often receive from customers is whether or not they should install wood fencing for their backyards. 

Wood fencing is a classic design. It’s simple, natural, and will most likely match other fences in your neighborhood. However, more durable options like vinyl and aluminum are quickly replacing wood as it does not last as long as man-made material. So, is wood fencing still a good option, or are you better off going with a more expensive vinyl or metal option?

Outdated wood fencing

Any fence can look dated or out of style if it is not well-maintained, but this is especially true for wood. Any wood fence will degrade over time, even high-quality woods. If you neglect maintenance you will only speed up this process. Wood fencing that is dirty, has chipped paint, or is leaning will look its age and not last as long as a well-cared-for fence. 

Stylish wood fencing options.

Wood fencing has come a long way and can last several decades if cared for properly. Stained wood fencing looks best and will be protected against water damage as opposed to untreated fencing. You can dress up your wood fence with a colored stain, or a unique design such as a horizontal fence installation. 

Some would argue that wood fencing has gone out of style because vinyl fencing can be styled the same way and lasts twice as long. However, nothing can quite replace the natural look of a wooden fence. While some vinyl options can be made to look textured, they won’t have the beautiful rustic look that real wood gains over the years. 

If you’re looking for wood fencing that will last for decades and never go out of style, contact FloriFence today for a consultation. 

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