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Is Electric Pet Fencing Safe?

We are often asked about electric fencing for our pet-owning clients. With furry friends, you never want to take the chance of one escaping the fence for fear of their safety. However, electric pet fencing often scares pet owners because it may hurt or traumatize their dogs, especially if installed incorrectly.  

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about electric fencing and alternatives for keeping your pets safe: 

Are electric fences for dogs safe? 

Electric fences for dogs are not the same as electric fences for cattle. The in-ground fences for pets are designed to work with a collar that will send an electric shock when the dog crosses the boundary. These are made for dogs and therefore do not send an eclectic shock that is in the least bit dangerous for your pet. However, you must be sure that the in-ground sensors are placed correctly and that the electric collar is secured properly so it does not come too close to the skin.  

Does the electrical shock hurt? 

Electric fence collars are designed to startle, not hurt your pet. Similar to a mosquito bite, they will annoy your pet but should not cause lasting pain or trauma to the pet. Because of this, they are sometimes not even effective for strong-willed pets, as the electri/c shock is not always enough to deter them from crossing. If you are concerned, you should be able to feel the electric shock with your hand and adjust to the minimal amount of shock to train your dog.  

Are electric fences effective? 

In most cases, electric fences are effective in training your pet to stay within the bounds of your property or prevent digging under the fence. However, a dog that is motivated by wildlife or other distractions on the other side of the fence may be able to ignore the shock. It is recommended to use the collar as a training tool rather than your only defense.  

What alternatives can I use? 

If you are worried about your dog getting loose or running into the street, a traditional fence is your best line of defense to protect your dog. However, if you are using an electric fence in addition to a traditional fence in order to prevent digging, you may need to invest in dog training or supervise your dog during playtime to ensure they do not escape.  

If you are interested in pet-friendly fencing for your yard, contact FloriFence today! We can help you create a fence design that works for both your landscaping and pet needs without sacrificing style or affordability.  

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