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Is Chain Link Fencing Right for You?

Chain link is one of the simplest and most affordable types of fencing available. Its practical design, low price and quick installation process make it a favorite among homeowners and businesses. However, the price point isn’t the only reason people choose chain link for their fencing project. It is also easy to maintain and can last for decades.

At FloriFence, we want the consumer to have as much information as possible before choosing their fence. Below are some of the reasons you may wish to select a chain link fence over the other types of available materials:

Low-cost – Chain link is FloriFence’s most affordable fencing option for residential and commercial areas alike. Because the material is so affordable, it is an ideal fencing option for covering large areas or for cost-conscious projects.

Easy to install and expand – Chain link is a good choice if you need to put up fencing quickly because it is one of the easiest fencing materials to install. It can also be easily expanded as your property grows or your fencing needs change. 

Durable – Chain link is long-lasting, strong, and flexible so it can withstand things like jumping dogs or strong winds during Florida’s hurricane season. This is partially what makes chain link one of our most practical options, in addition to its affordability. When the chain link does break, the damaged area can easily be patched with new links. This makes it more appealing than other fences that require entire boards or panels to be replaced when they are damaged.

Maintenance-free – Because chain link isn’t solid, it does not need to be washed, painted, or maintained other than trimming away overgrowth. It is one of the easiest fencing materials to maintain long-term and is popular for commercial facilities for this reason.

While chain link provides plenty of benefits, there are also a few features to consider to really ensure it’s the right choice for your property and purposes. These are the most common issues we see with chain link fence installations:

Reduced privacy – Because chain link is not a solid material, it does not provide any privacy for your property. If you want to be able to see from the road or enjoy the view from your backyard, chain link is a great choice. However, if you want privacy for your property, you might prefer vinyl, wood, or aluminum fencing.

Security Considerations – Chain link fencing can be built up to 8 feet for commercial properties, and can include barbed wire, but for residential areas, the restrictions on fencing are greater. Typically, you are only allowed a 6-foot fence, or 4 feet on the waterfront, which means that chain link will not provide the maximum amount of security for your property. For this purpose, solid material like wood or vinyl is best.

With these considerations in mind, you can determine whether chain link fencing is right for you. If so, call our offices today to schedule your consultation! And if not, you can contact a FloriFence representative to discuss other fencing options for your home or business.

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