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Is Barbed Wire Safe for Farm Fencing?

Barbed wire fencing is a very common form of fencing for farm operations. Used for both animal containment and protection, barbed wire offers several benefits to your farm when installed properly. However, it can also pose a serious risk to animals, children, and farm employees when not installed properly or when not heeded with proper precautions. 

FloriFence offers barbed wire and other farm fencing options and can help you ensure it is safe to use on your farm. Below are a few common tips and mistakes to avoid to ensure your barbed wire fencing is safe: 

Ensure proper installation

One of the biggest risks of installing barbed wire is improper installation. Barbed wire fence posts that are not properly secured can cause them to fall and pose serious hazards to your animals and people working. To avoid this, hire a professional fence contractor for the installation rather than a general contractor or use a DIY method. 

Don’t overtighten wire

The barbed wire needs to be taut to ensure it creates a proper barrier, but overtightening can cause the wire to snap, which is seriously dangerous for anyone around it. Again, this can be avoided by hiring a professional fence installation team for your project. 

Only use barbed wire when necessary

Barbed wire is very useful for the containment of cattle, or for keeping wild animals away from your crops and vulnerable livestock. However, barbed wire is one of the more dangerous forms of fencing which means it should be used with caution. Don’t install barbed wire too close to your residential property, as it can be easy for your household pets and children to become injured. And talk to your fence contractor about other options such as electric fencing and commercial wood or vinyl if this is an option for your property. 

FloriFence can help you design farm fencing that is safe and effective for your specific needs. To learn more about barbed wire and other fencing options, give us a call today!

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