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Is Barbed Wire Environmentally Safe? 

Barbed wire is a very common security fence option for commercial operations, farms, government buildings, and other high-security places. While it is highly effective as a containment feature, it does pose some risk to those around your facility. Any person or animal caught in the barbed wire will be seriously injured, which poses questions about the legality and safety of barbed wire in certain places. 

Many property owners also raise concerns with us as to whether or not barbed wire will hurt local wildlife, especially if they are close to protected state parks or federal lands. If you have concerns about the environmental risks of installing barbed wire on your property, FloriFence is here to help. 

The Risks of Barbed Wire Fencing

The reason most people install barbed wire fencing is because of its danger – it wouldn’t be effective if it wasn’t dangerous for people and animals to cross. However, when properly installed and maintained, it poses minimal risk to people and won’t injure wild animals in most cases. While a wild animal may get nicked, usually it won’t get caught in the barbed wire if it is installed with proper tension and spacing. 

The real environmental risk comes when barbed wire is improperly installed or maintained. Barbed wire that is rusting can cause serious infections to people and animals, making it unsafe to use. Barbed wire that is left on a property without proper care can also start to loosen or fall apart entirely, creating a very serious risk to both people and animals on the property. If barbed wire is not maintained, it must be disposed of properly to avoid serious injury to people or wildlife. 

How to Remove Barbed Wire Safely

If the barbed wire on your property has started to rust or is no longer necessary, you need to remove it immediately to avoid issues down the road. However, disposing of barbed wire is not as easy as dumping it on the side of the road. This can spell disaster for both people and animals and could get you into serious legal trouble if you are found liable for such injuries. 

To remove the barbed wire, you just first dress appropriately. Wear loose jeans, a long-sleeve shirt (preferably of thick fabric), and eye protection at all times to prevent accidental cuts. Begin by cutting the barbed wire into smaller pieces, and remove them wearing heavy-duty gloves. Smaller pieces of wire are easier to transport and are less likely to cause entrapment. Once you’ve cut down the barbed wire, take it to a scrap yard or other place that is prepared to properly dispose of it. 

  • If you are cut by a barb (especially if it is rusty), seek medical attention immediately. 

FloriFence can help you build safe barbed wire, or help you find barbed wire alternatives that are just as effective for containment and security. If you’re interested in learning what we have for your business or property, contact FloriFence today!

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