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Is Aluminum Fencing Right for You?

Are you ready to add curb appeal, security, and privacy to your home or business? If so, FloriFence is here to help you! We offer a variety of fencing options suited for both residential and commercial areas. And, we’ll help you choose the right fencing material to suit your specific needs. Understanding the pros and cons of the materials available at FloriFence will help you make a better long-term decision for your project.

One of the most popular fencing options among our clients is aluminum. This strong, stable, and aesthetically pleasing material can stand up to Florida’s rainy seasons with ease. Plus, it offers unique benefits that materials like wrought iron cannot provide. Below are some of the reasons why our clients love their aluminum fencing:

Cost-effective – Aluminum fencing is often cheaper than wrought iron or steel, and most people cannot tell it apart visually. And, because it lasts twice as long as wood and chain link, it is considered a more affordable long-term solution.

Doesn’t rust – Unlike iron or steel, aluminum fencing won’t rust over time. This is especially advantageous in Florida summers where near-daily rain is inevitable. For property owners looking to avoid upkeep, this is a great fencing option.

Minimal upkeep – Aluminum is also desirable because it requires little to no maintenance. It will retain its color over time, and typically does not need to be washed or repaired except in the case of serious damage.

Recyclable – While most people may not think of aluminum as the “eco-friendly” fencing option, it is oftentimes made from recycled aluminum. Plus, most aluminum fencing can be recycled again once it needs to be replaced. This makes it an eco-friendly option in comparison to chain link or vinyl.

Aluminum may be a versatile and durable material, but it isn’t right for every homeowner or business. Below are some items to consider before you choose an aluminum fence:

Lightweight – While aluminum looks tough, it is actually significantly more lightweight than other types of metal fencing. This is great during installation but may cause issues if you’re trying to keep large animals enclosed, keep intruders out, or live in a hurricane-prone area.

Minimal privacy – Aluminum fencing is beautiful, but it does not block the view like wood or vinyl fencing. If privacy is a top priority, you may want to choose a different option.

Higher upfront costs – Aluminum is cost effective is in comparison to other fencing options, however, it is not as cheap as wood or chain link to initially install. It will last longer, but if cost is your number one concern, aluminum might not be your best bet.

At FloriFence, we love aluminum fencing for its many advantages for homeowners and property managers. If you’re interested in installing an aluminum fence, contact us today!

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