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Is Aluminum A Good Replacement for Wrought Iron Fencing?

Aluminum fencing is a new form of fencing on the market, and one that is gaining popularity fast. But, how does it compare to its doppelganger wrought iron? At FloriFence, we often recommend aluminum as a great residential alternative to wrought iron. There are several benefits of this metal that home and business owners should know before they make their final decisions: 

Pros of Aluminum over Wrought Iron: 

  • Aluminum is rust-free. This is the biggest perk we highlight when offering clients aluminum fencing. Unlike wrought iron, aluminum won’t rust, which makes it ideal for Florida’s rainy and humid climate. It can also be a great alternative to pool fencing that is exposed to water on a daily basis. 
  • Aluminum is less expensive. Wrought iron is one of the most expensive fencing options on the market. If you want the look of elegant metal fencing without the high price tag, aluminum is your best option. 
  • Aluminum is maintenance-free. Wrought iron requires careful sealing and restoration to prevent rusting, which makes it a much more high-maintenance fence option than aluminum. Because aluminum can resist water damage, it only requires occasional spot cleaning to keep it looking good as new. This also makes it a more long-term affordable option. 

Pros of Wrought Iron over Aluminum: 

  • Wrought iron is heavy-duty. The primary reason why wrought iron is so popular is that it is so difficult to move, tamper, or bend. Wrought iron can last for centuries if it is properly maintained, while aluminum is more lightweight and easier to bend. This makes it easier to install, but also easier to damage or break into. 
  • Wrought iron is historic. Many historic buildings have wrought iron fencing because it is both beautiful and has a unique rustic appeal. If you own or manage a historic building, you may be required to maintain wrought iron fencing to keep with the time period and original materials used when the building was installed. 

In general, we recommend aluminum over wrought iron for modern homes because of its unique modern advantages. However, wrought iron has its purposes and unique uses that make it equally desirable for certain applications. To determine which is right for your home or business, contact FloriFence today!

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