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Is a Wood Fence Right For Your Home?

FloriFence works with homeowners across central and south Florida to help them choose the right fence for their homes. We offer a variety of fencing materials, but one of the most popular for suburban neighborhoods is wood fencing. This classic option is popular not only for its natural appearance but its affordability. If you are unsure of what fence material you want to use for your next project, consider the benefits of wood for your home:

Woof fencing is versatile.

Wood fencing can be painted, cut, and customized to suit the specific style of your home. It can also simply be stained for a more natural appearance. Because wood is so easy to cut and shape, different toppers and designs are available for an affordable price. At FloriFence, we offer custom wood toppers and gate options to truly make your wood fencing suit both practical and aesthetic needs. 

Wood is great for privacy fencing. 

Some fencing options, such as chain link and aluminum, do not provide enough privacy for certain applications. Wood is a solid fencing option that won’t let any neighbors or passers-by see into your yard. If privacy is a priority to you for your fence, wood is a great option. 

Wood fencing looks natural

Many homeowners don’t like the stiff, manmade look of vinyl or aluminum fencing for their homes. Wood that is stained instead of painted makes your backyard loo more natural while still providing plenty of privacy and comfort. 

While wood fencing comes with many benefits, homeowners should also understand the drawbacks of this material. Wood fencing is more susceptible to water damage and can warp, splinter, and crack over time. Wood stains and paints can help protect your wood fencing, but typically they do not last as long as vinyl or aluminum. While we still recommend wood fencing for an affordable and beautiful fence option, it is not suitable for every homeowner. 

Want to learn more about your fencing options? Contact FloriFence today to learn more! We offer wood fencing for both residential and commercial applications and can help you choose the right design for your property.

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