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Inviting Florida Wildlife Into Your Yard

Floridians are lucky to live in one of the most biodiverse areas of the country. We have over 2,800 native plant species alone, and thousands of different animal and insect species that can only be found in and around the Florida coastline. Tampa’s proximity to the Everglades makes our area in Florida an especially unique place to view wildlife. 

While visiting the state parks or planning a beach day may be the best way to view Florida’s native plants and wildlife up close, you can also bring some of these native species into your backyard. If you want to view wild birds, native plants, and harmless reptiles from your window, here are some tips to make your yard more wildlife-friendly: 

Add a birdfeeder to your yard. 

Florida has an incredible array of wild birds that you can bring to your backyard, from common jays and gulls to predatory birds such as owls and hawks. Adding a bird feeder will likely bring smaller, friendly bird species to your yard. However, if you have kittens or very small dogs in your home, be careful of larger birds as they may try to snatch smaller animals. 

Plant native plants and pollinating species. 

Birds, bugs, and other native wildlife need a source of food in order to thrive. If you plant native plants and pollinating species it is easy to attract all kinds of animals to your yard. Our blog has a variety of gardening posts if you’re looking for the best native plants to add to your summer garden. 

Grow on the outside of your fence line. 

While you probably want to fence in your yard so you can have privacy and security for pets and children, you can still attract larger Florida wildlife like rabbits and deer to your home by planting berry bushes and other food sources on the outside of the fence. This allows you to see the animals without them coming directly into your space.

If you are interested in bringing more wildlife into your yard, read our blog for gardening tips for Florida homeowners. And, if you’re interested in fence alterations you can make to grow your backyard garden even more, contact us for information. 

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