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Hurricane Ready: Which Fences Will Stand Up to the Storm?

Florida home and business owners are more than familiar with the dangers of hurricane season. It is something we must brave every year, and much of our construction choices are made with hurricanes in mind. Fencing is no exception, and at FloriFence we want to help you make the best choices when it comes to hurricane-proof fencing. 

Below are the benefits and drawbacks of different fencing materials for Florida homeowners. We can help you make the best choice for your property and budget among these top choices. 

Vinyl fencing

In general, we recommend vinyl fencing as the top hurricane-proof fencing material. It is solid, sturdy, waterproof, and fire-proof, which makes it generally durable to all kinds of storm damage. Vinyl fencing is five times as strong as wood and will bend slightly before it snaps. Vinyl fencing can also prevent minor flooding if it is installed deep in the ground and in a solid design. 

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is another attractive fencing option for coastal areas because it will stand against hurricane-force winds. The winds will blow through the aluminum instead of knocking it down, just as water from a storm surge will. Aluminum fencing can still be torn down by powerful storm surge currents or trees, but it is waterproof and will withstand heavy rains. It can also protect your home to some degree from flying debris. 

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link is incredibly durable in storms because the wind will blow right through it instead of knocking it down. While a fallen tree can tear down a chain-link fence, it is more affordable to replace than aluminum. And like aluminum, it won’t be damaged by water except in the case of a powerful storm surge. Chain link is best-suited for areas high enough above sea level to be safe from storm surge. 

Fire-proof Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is last on our list because it is generally considered to be the least sturdy in hurricanes. Wood can be blown over by winds, broken by falling trees, and is more susceptible to rain and storm surge damage than others on this list. However, homeowners that like the look of wood fencing should keep in mind that it is affordable to replace and not out of the question if you live by the coast. Be sure to choose a fire-treated wood to prevent fires from downed power lines, and talk to FloriFence about safe installation for hurricane-prone areas. 

No matter what fencing material you desire, FloriFence can help you make it happen. Our experienced designers can help you choose what’s most suitable for your property and design something that will be beautiful throughout the year. Talk to our staff to learn more about your fencing options!

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