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How To Use Concrete For A Sturdier Fence Installation

In Florida, fencing often takes a beating in both residential and commercial properties. The mix of sandy soil and intense winds during the stormy season make fencing installations more tricky than they are for inland states. However, that doesn’t mean your fencing is doomed to a short lifespan if you live on the Florida coast. 

Oftentimes, we recommend home and business owners set their fencing in concrete if they are close to the coast and experience intense hurricane seasons. The concrete serves as a sturdier foundation for the fence posts than soil and can provide ancillary benefits — such as keeping a digging dog inside the yard or reducing damage due to soil erosion. 

Benefits of Setting a Fence in Concrete

Below are just a few of the benefits of using concrete as part of your fence foundation. Even if you don’t need it, this option may be beneficial to your overall landscape design and function.

  • Concrete provides a stronger foundation than sandy soils.
  • Concrete aids a fence in standing up to hurricane-force winds. 
  • Concrete can serve as a barrier for wildlife and pets who try to dig under the fence. 
  • Concrete can help raise your fence above the ground, making it easier to navigate a weed eater or lawnmower at the edge of your fencing. 
  • You can weld metal base plates to concrete for a modern and sturdy fence. 

If you want to set your fencing in concrete, ask your FloriFence contractor about options specific to your landscape. Not every property needs a concrete foundation, while others need leveling before a concrete foundation is possible. Your FloriFence contractor can help you weigh different options and choose a fence foundation that works for your needs. 

Below are some steps you can take to prepare your lawn for the fence installation, especially if you decide a concrete foundation is the way to go:

  • Determine the property line and clear any debris or foliage from the area 
  •  Research fence materials that are easily installed onto concrete, such as aluminum and vinyl
  • Talk to your concrete contractor about expenses and scheduling with your FloriFence team. 

FloriFence is happy to accommodate any fencing style or modifications to provide a stable and long-lasting fence for your property. To learn more about concrete foundations and other options for enhanced stability, contact us today!

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