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How To Upcycle Fence Materials

New fence installations can add new life to your home’s appearance. They can make your house look more modern, provide security, and enhance the property value in just a matter of days. But, if you install a new fence, the question remains as to what to do with your old fence.

If you had a wooden fence, you may not want to immediately send off the old wood to the landfill. If it is in reasonably good condition, there are several ways you can use that fencing material for other projects around the house and in the yard. Below are just a few ways you can make the most of your old fence material with DIY projects:

Make picture frames

Old wood can be cut, sanded, and stained to create beautiful rustic picture frames for your home. This can save you money on buying frames for your wall art and family photos and ensures they all match. 

Create hanging wall art

Old wood can be fashioned into decorative signs and other wall decor with some creativity and painting skills. You can keep it simple with basic structures like boxes and storage, or paint your upcycled fence decor to show off your individual style. 

Make planter boxes

If your fence material is older, it may not be suitable for indoors. However, you can build basic planter boxes for outdoor use and grow your container garden without spending a lot. 

Add a decorative fence topper

If you can’t save your entire fence, you may be able to use the best scrap wood from your old fence and turn it into a decorative fence topper. Ask your FloriFence team about topper design and installation, and options for upcycling your old wood. 

If you have a creative way you’ve upcycled old wooden fencing, share it with us on Facebook! Or, if you’re looking for other creative ways to customize your fence, visit our blog for more information. 

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