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How To Transform Your Chain Link Fence Into A Privacy Fence

Chain link fences are incredibly popular for homes and businesses. They tend to hold up over time but can begin to look faded and dull after a few years with no fresh coat of paint. If you’ve grown tired of your chain link fence, there are several ways to dress it up without completely rebuilding your fence.

Below are some simple methods for transforming your sturdy chain link into a beautiful privacy fence: 

Add trellis.

Climbing vines and other greenery can help your chain link look more natural. When choosing climbing vines, we recommend a flowering variety such as trumpet vines, honeysuckle, or star jasmine. However, it’s important to be diligent with trimming to ensure your trellis doesn’t overpower your chain link and cause it to lean. 

Plant hedges around the yard.

Hedges, or any type of thick shrubbery, can help create more privacy in your yard without tearing down your chain link. It’s preferable to plant the hedges outside the chain-link so hide the fencing from the outside and keep your yard closed-in for pets and children. However, if doing so would require you to plant on your neighbor’s property, you can plant a variety of shrubs inside the yard for the same level of privacy. 

Add wood panels. 

Wood paneling can be easily added onto a chain link frame to create privacy from the outside. This option is often more affordable than rebuilding your fence entirely, but may limit your options when it comes to styling. Talk to your FloriFence contractor about this option before doing it yourself to ensure it will look exactly like you envision. 

If it’s time, don’t be afraid to upgrade. 

FloriFence offers a wide variety of privacy fencing for both homes and businesses. We work with you to find the right style that not only suits your property but is well within your budget. If chain link doesn’t serve your needs anymore, don’t be afraid to upgrade to a vinyl, metal, or wood privacy fence. Call us today to learn more!

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