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How To Transform A Wrought Iron Fence Into A Privacy Fence

Wrought iron fences last a lifetime. Because of their incredible durability and timeless look, you are hard-pressed to find any homeowner that wants to replace one. However, wrought iron does have its limitations, including how much privacy it can offer a home. 

If you have a wrought iron fence but want a more private view of the backyard, we suggest adding to your fence rather than replacing it with something else. Wrought iron is expensive and will last throughout your home ownership if you take care of it properly. Below are three different ways you can add privacy screening to your fence without tearing it down and replacing it:

Fabric screens

Many home improvement stores sell privacy screens you can add to iron or aluminum fencing. This creates a semi-opaque barrier that will not only offer privacy but can be removed when needed. Fabric screens are an affordable and adjustable way to create privacy without giving up your wrought iron. 


If you want to create natural privacy for your yard, consider growing hedges or taller shrubbery to surround your wrought iron fence. You can do this on the inside or outside of your lawn and will help create the illusion of a privacy fence without replacing your current one. 

Wood planks

If you need a permanent solution for privacy fencing, you can use your wrought iron as a base to add wood planks and create a full privacy fence. You will need a fence contractor’s help with this, but it can create a unique and modern look for a variety of home styles. 

If you’re interested in other ways to modify a wrought iron fence, contact FloriFence today to schedule a consultation. 

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