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How To Style Wattle and Split Rail Fencing

Wattle and split rail fencing are some of the oldest fence styles in America. They can be traced back to old European fence styles, and have become a staple for farmlands and rustic cottage style housing ever since. However, these simple fence styles are making a resurgence, and are popping up in suburban areas more and more. 

If you love the simplicity and rustic look of wattle or split rail fencing, but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your landscape, try these ideas: 

Use split rail fencing for the front yard. 

Split rail fencing is the perfect ornamental fence for any type of front yard. It creates a barrier and property line marker without obstructing the view from drivers. Split rail fencing also adds a bit of rustic charm to your property without a high price tag. 

Add climbing vines to your fence.

Wattle and split rail fencing are absolutely beautiful when a bit of greenery is introduced. Trumpet vines, honeysuckle, and star jasmine are ideal choices for Florida homes, but be careful to not let these grow too thick on your fence. They can easily overpower a wattle or split rail fence and cause it to lean if not trimmed regularly. 

Support with hedges. 

The downside to split rail and wattle fencing is that they can look bare when constructed in an open setting. If climbing vines are too invasive, try bordering your fence with hedges or tall flowering shrubs. This can not only create a more appealing fence design but will add a bit of privacy to your yard. 

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