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How to select a qualified fencing contractor

It can be difficult to sort through the many contractors who advertise their services to find one that is highly qualified with good references. Here are some tips to assist you with your search. 

Do they turn up in a Google Search? If so, how are their reviews?

A company that is inexperienced may not be very prominent in online searches, and companies whose reputation has taken a hit due to bad customer service can employ tactics to reduce the presence of those bad comments and reviews online. If they don’t have many positive reviews, or if they are difficult to find in a search, they may not be the right company for your home or business.

Do they provide in-person estimates?

Many customers are surprised by the amount of information fencing contractors need to collect in order to give you an accurate estimate for your project. It is almost impossible to get an accurate estimate from a contractor that only speaks with you over the phone or online without sending someone to inspect the property. 

What kind of service guarantee do they offer?

Here at FloriFence, we offer our customers a one-year service guarantee to ensure you are satisfied with our work. We encourage our customers to call with any questions or concerns they have regarding their installation. If you encounter companies that offer vague service guarantees or that don’t provide one at all, you will have little to no recourse if you have issues later on. 

What kind of customer service do they offer?

Another reason for an in-person, on-site estimate is to meet the contractor and assess the way they engage with you as the customer. Are they thorough in their explanation of the project and willing to answer your questions until you are satisfied with their plans to complete the project?

Here at FloriFence, we have a reputation for 25 years of excellent workmanship and customer service in the Tampa Bay region. If you are just embarking on the search for a qualified fencing contractor or need someone to remediate the work of another company you are unsatisfied with, give us a call today.

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