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How To Restore Your Metal Fence

Metal fencing is becoming increasingly popular for both residential and commercial properties. We install chain link, aluminum, galvanized steel, and other varieties of metal and always love the way they turn out. However, metal fencing requires periodic maintenance to keep it looking at its best. If your metal fence has seen better days, it may be time to restore it. 

Follow this simple guide to restore your metal fencing back to its original state. And, if you have any questions, feel free to call the FloriFence team for help!

Step 1: Remove rust and stains

Some metal fencing, like aluminum, is rust-resistant and won’t need to be scrubbed in order to restore. However, all types of metal fencing can accumulate dirt, grease, and other outdoor wear and tear over time. Use a gentle non-acidic cleaner and a wire brush to scrape your metal fencing clean and remove any imperfections on the surface. 

Step 2: Pressure wash

If all your fence needs is a deep cleaning, you can remove most dirt and grime with a simple pressure washing. Be sure to stand a few feet away from the fence and work on spots with a lot of caked-on dirt. If your fence doesn’t need a fresh coat of paint, you can stop at this step. 

Step 3: Prime with a rust-resistant primer or metal primer

If you have a wrought iron fence, it’s important to prime the surface with a rust-resistant primer to prevent damage in the future. Other metal fencing options like aluminum don’t need rust-resistant primers, but they should be primed with a solution that is made for metal fencing. This will ensure that any paint you put on top of it won’t chip over time. 

Step 4: Paint or seal

Most FloriFence fences are powder coated to extend the longevity of color and prevent fading over time. However, your fence may need a fresh coat if it is over a decade old and is starting to look weathered. Choose a paint made for metal fencing and make sure you pick a sunny weekend so that the paint has time to dry. 

Metal fencing is easy to maintain and restore with the right tools and techniques. To learn more about how to care for your metal fence, contact us or visit our resource center for more.

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