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How To Restore Your Aluminum Fence

At FloriFence, we often recommend aluminum over other types of metal fencing because of its longevity. Aluminum is rust-resistant, so it requires much less maintenance than wrought iron or other types of metals that aren’t protected from water damage. However, after years of exposure to the sun, wind, car exhaust, and other outdoor elements, your aluminum can start to look worn. 

If your aluminum fence is structurally sound but is looking weathered, you can easily restore it with a few simple tools. Follow these steps to make your aluminum fence look good as new in a single afternoon: 

Step 1: Remove chalky residue

Even though your aluminum fence won’t rust, it can begin to form a chalky residue on the surface. To remove this, mix a solution of water and vinegar or gentle soap and scrub away the parts of the fence that are weathered. 

Step 2: Scrub away chipped metal or paint

An old aluminum fence may have an uneven, chipped surface due to years of wear and tear. To remove old paint or chipped metal pieces, take a wire brush and gently scrub away at the surface. Be careful to not put too much pressure as you could scratch the surface. 

Step 3: Wash the fence entirely

Once you’ve removed any residue or chips from the fence, spray down the entire fence and scrub gently with soap. This will help to remove any stuck-on pieces of dirt and grime and prepare the surface for painting.

Step 4: Prime and paint

A fresh coat of paint will make your aluminum fence look good as new. Be sure to prime with something made for aluminum fencing, and a paint made for metal. With a fresh coat of paint and a good cleaning, your fence will stand out in the neighborhood!

FloriFence can help you restore, repair, and install new fencing for your Tampa home. To learn more about our services, contact our offices today!

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