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How To Prevent Fence Aging 

Fence installations, like any home improvement, need to be cared for if they are to reach the end of their optimal service life. While you may be tempted to skip fence cleaning and maintenance, this is the best way to enhance the aging process and make your fence look older than it actually is. 

Luckily, fence maintenance is simple in most cases and can add years of service life to your installation. If you want to prevent fence aging, follow these three steps: 

Clean your fence regularly

Most fences only require a quick spray with a hose and occasional spot cleaning in order to stay clean. Unless there is an accidental spill or scratch, you won’t need to thoroughly clean your fence often, unless it is a wood fence that is painted white or a light color. If so, be mindful to clean and repaint your fence often to preserve its color. 

Retouch paint and wood stain as needed

Wood fencing requires a sealant of some sort to prevent water damage including mold and rot. Classic paints and wood stains are the most common option, but these will need to be retouched with a fresh coat every few years. THis may also apply to painted metal or spray-painted chain link as it wears. 

Trim greenery

Climbing vines, overgrown bushes, and weeds around the fence line can make a fence look older than it actually is. If the overgrowth is ignored for too long, it can even cause structural issues with the fence by weighing it down and causing it to lean. Prevent this by trimming bordering plants early and often. 

Fence maintenance can be simple if you invest in quality materials and prioritize it as part of your overall backyard maintenance plan. To learn more about your fence options, contact our offices today!

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