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How To Prepare Your Yard Before Installing A New Fence

Fall is the perfect time to install a new fence. With fewer homeowners moving into new homes, our schedule at FloriFence is more flexible. Plus, fewer rain showers and lower humidity can help paint dry faster and concrete foundations dry more quickly. The only downside to building your fence in the fall is the yard work. If you plan your installation during this time, it’s important to prepare your yard for construction. 

Below are # steps you can take to make your fence installation seamless. We can also perform these services, but some are easier for homeowners to get out of the way during the fence installation planning process: 

Find your exact property line

This step is critical for the installation of a new fence. Not all contractors will ask for this information, but building even a few inches over the property line can get you into trouble, especially if you ever want to sell the property. Look for the original blueprint of the house or ask your local clerk’s office for records of the property boundaries to see where you can build your fence. 

Call the utility company

You should always call local utilities to locate the exact placement of water, power, and cable lines underground. If you accidentally build over them, you could cause serious problems to the entire neighborhood. Building a gate over the area or avoiding utility line placement altogether will save you plenty of hassle during and after your fence installation. 

Landscape with your fence in mind

You may have trees, bushes, or other landscaping obstacles you need to remove before the installation of your fence. Typically, you don’t want to build a fence too close to trees as it could cause damage to your fence as the trees grow, age, and start to lean. You may also need to level certain areas of your yard to ensure your fence looks even from a distance. 

Talk to your neighbors

It’s always a good idea to let your neighbors know about your plans to install a fence prior to the actual installation. It gives them a chance to plan for the changing property line, as well as provide them with the option to build a matching fence if you’re sharing a property boundary. 

With these tips in mind, your yard will be ready to go on installation day! For more questions about fence preparation or installations, contact us.

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