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How to Paint a Mural On Your Fence 

For the creative person, every surface is a canvas. Your home is likely covered with art, as are your gardens, mailbox, and everything else in between. Why not make the most of your backyard space by utilizing your biggest outdoor canvas – your fence! 

Residential fences are the perfect space for murals, as they can add a beautiful backdrop for your garden or pool area. If you want to make your backyard a place where creativity can flourish, follow these five steps to paint your own outdoor masterpiece:  

Prime your fence.  

Murals are best painted on wooden fences as they are easy to prime and paint as opposed to metal or vinyl. When shopping, look for a quality wood primer and coat the fence after a thorough cleaning. This gives you a smooth surface to begin the painting process.  

Create and grid your design.  

Primer will take several days to fully dry, especially if you’re using several coats. This gives you some time to design your mural to your fence’s size. Many mural artists use a grid to ensure that the proportions of their designs match their final canvas. You can learn how to grid a mural here. Typically, fence murals are painted on the inside the fence so as to not change your neighbor’s landscape. This means you’ll also need to plan around your backyard landscaping including trees and shrubs that closely border the fence.  

Purchase high-quality paint. 

Once you have your design ready, you can begin choosing colors. While you may have paint lying around, it’s important to choose a brand that is specifically made for wood and for outdoor use. Choose a variety of colors, and don’t skimp on quality in order to save.  

Plan painting days around the weather.  

Before you begin painting, make sure that you’ll have several days of sunshine to allow the paint to fully dry. This can be tricky in the summertime due to the many sporadic afternoon showers we have in Florida, so be vigilant with your weather app.  

Work in sections.  

Painting a mural is hard work, especially if you’re doing it in your free time. Set small goals for your week to ensure you’re making progress, but don’t try to do too much at a time. If possible, set aside several hours or a full day on the weekend to paint so you can make significant progress each week.  

Home murals are a great way to show off your style and make your backyard truly one of a kind. To learn more about ways you can customize your fence, visit our Resource Center.

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