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How to Match Your Fence to Your Home & Garden

Fencing is a great practical and aesthetic addition to your home. When designed right it can add character to your yard that separates your home from the rest of the block. However, a fence design that is not well-thought-out can make your home stand out in a negative way. 

Before you decide on a fence style, use these tips to ensure your fence matches the rest of your home and garden space. 

Define your home style

Choosing a fence design should reflect the style of your home. For example, you wouldn’t necessarily want to put a split rail fence – something that is traditionally considered farm-style – around your modern urban home. Conversely, you wouldn’t want to surround your rustic cottage with shiny white vinyl. If you’re not sure what your home’s architectural style is, search for some of these terms until you find homes that look like yours: 

  • Cape Cod
  • Colonial 
  • Modern/Contemporary
  • Midcentury Modern
  • Ranch
  • Farmhouse
  • French Country
  • Greek Revival
  • Victorian

Look online for inspiration

Once you’ve determined your home’s architectural style, look for inspiration online for the types of fences that suit these homes best. You can find great design inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram or simply drive around your neighborhood to see which of your neighbor’s fences you like. Many neighborhoods have similar style homes, and you can find not only style inspiration but the names of reliable contractors who designed them. 

Combine colors wisely

Think of your home and garden as a color palette. Do you have a brick house (burnt umber) with plenty of tall trees and white azalea bushes? If so, the color palette for your fence should reflect some of the greens, reds, and other earthy tones surrounding your home. If you have a waterfront home with lots of bright flowers and a beachfront view, choosing a more modern fence may suit your color palette than a rustic lattice or wrought iron fence. 

FloriFence works with not only the best installation crews, but with fantastic designers who can help you make your fence the best on the block. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our offices today!

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