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How to Match Material to Your Existing Fence

Many FloriFence customers come to us not because they’re starting from scratch with their fence but because they have an old fence that needs fixing up. Their fence is either showing signs of wear or has been recently damaged, and they come to us to fix it. While fixing your fence is much more cost-effective than replacing it entirely, there is one difficult problem that must be solved first – matching the material of your old fence. 

Some fences are easier to match than others. For example, it can be relatively easy to match a wood fence because your contractor simply needs to know what wood and paint you used. Even if the wood of your old fence looks much older, it can be made to match by adding a dark stain or paint to both new and old boards. However, aluminum, vinyl, and other man-made fence materials need to be matched more carefully. 

When repairing old fences, we match materials using these three clues: 

Match by Brand

When matching aluminum or vinyl, it’s important to find the original brand used for installation. You can typically find this information on the post caps or on one of the horizontal rails of the fence. This makes it easy for your fencing contractor to match the style and order parts that will fit with your existing fence. 

Match by Style

Matching the exact style of the fence is also crucial in getting the best result for your fence. Your fence contractor will ask you about a few elements of your fence during the initial consultation including: 

  • Whether the horizontal rails are beveled or flat
  • The measurements from the top of the fence post to the top of the rails
  • What shape the top of the rails is (curved, pointed, flat, etc.)
  • What toppers the fence posts have
  • The measurement of the spacing between rails


Fences can be painted, stained, or powder coated depending on the material used. Matching this color can be difficult if you don’t have the original paint can or if you got the fence powder coated from a different installation team. However, sending a picture of your fence to your contractor can help them color match as closely as possible to the original.  

What If I Can’t Match My Existing Fence? 

If the fence you first installed is no longer manufactured or if you can’t find the exact material locally, talk to FloriFence about replacement options. While this may not be ideal, it is the best option for aesthetic results. 

If you’re interested in replacing or repairing a fence this season, contact FloriFence today!

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