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How To Make Your Yard More Garden-Friendly

Florida is blessed with year-round sunny weather, which is perfect for green thumbs who move here. However, not every residential yard is made for gardening in Florida. Most homes that are on the coast have sandy soils which make growing certain plants more difficult. Coupled with the brutal summers that bring 14+ hours of sunshine, it can be difficult for beginner and experienced gardeners alike to find the right plants and care routines to make their gardens flourish. 

Below are some tips to help you make your Florida backyard more garden-friendly, as well as different structures you can use to get around the difficulties of Florida’s climate: 

Invest in your soil. 

Most Florida backyards have sandy soil which makes it difficult for many different types of plants to grow. While you can get around this by choosing plants that thrive in sandy soil, or by planting in containers only, we recommend investing in healthy soil and grass to make your yard look green all year long. 

Vary your plants. 

Companion planting is a hallmark of Florida gardens for many reasons. It can help your plants to survive longer by balancing the pH and minerals found in the soil, as well as ensuring there are plenty of pollinators present in your garden year-round. By planting different flowers, shrubs, and trees you can also create a more aesthetically pleasing garden regardless of the season. 

Create shade. 

In Florida, you’ll want to grow mostly sun-loving plants in your gardens to ensure they can withstand the summers. However, even the hardiest plants can suffer from 14+ hours of sunlight in the summer, so we recommend creating some shade during the day to keep them healthy. Arbors, patios, and fencing all create shade that can give your plants a break from the brutal heat. 

Use fencing to your advantage. 

Your fence can serve as a place to build vertical container gardens, provide shade, and ensure wildlife stays out of your vegetable gardens if built correctly. Talk to your FloriFence contractor to learn about the different ways to maximize garden space with fencing, and what fence materials are best for your gardening goals. 

With a little TLC and proper planning, your Florida garden can become a tropical oasis. To learn more about fencing options for residential gardens, give us a call today!

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