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How To Make Your Yard Kid-Friendly

Spending time outside is one of the best ways for kids to stay healthy, happy, and motivated throughout the summer. Time outdoors improves mental health, encourages children to play and exercise, and improves your own health and happiness when you join them. However, in order to give this gift to your children on a daily basis, you need a safe yard for them to enjoy outdoor time. 

FloriFence helps parents create kid-friendly environments in their yards, starting with a fence to keep them safe and out of the roads. Below are # other tips to help you ensure your backyard is a safe and fun place for your kids to spend time outside: 

Remove trip and fall hazards. 

Kids will inevitably trip, climb, fall, and otherwise roughhouse when in the backyard. While you can’t prevent these accidents, you can ensure they don’t end with a trip to the doctor by creating a hazard-free backyard space. Remove any sharp rocks or hard surfaces that could cause injury in areas where kids are permitted to play. You can also make the most of your landscaping by resodding your yard to prevent roots from creating tripping hazards. 

Provide plenty of shade. 

In Florida, the summer heat can be brutal for kids and adults alike. If you want your children to be able to spend time outside during the warmer months, be sure to add plenty of shade in your backyard by planting trees or installing a structure to provide shade in certain areas of the yard. Arbors, umbrella chairs, and playhouses can all help to provide shade to prevent sunburns and dehydration. 

Create a fun play space. 

While kids can usually entertain themselves pretty well, it doesn’t hurt to provide a fun playset, tire swing, or other simple structure for them to enjoy with friends. Make sure your playset is safe and will work well for all ages. With the addition of just one element like this, you can transform your space into a place all the neighborhood kids will love. 

Add adult seating. 

Since you’ll be spending just as much time outside to supervise the children, you should invest in comfortable patio furniture to enjoy as well. A few comfortable patio chairs with an umbrella or porch cover for shade can make the summer experience much more enjoyable. It can also serve as the perfect place to serve lunch or snacks to a play group during the summer. 

Install safe fences and gates. 

If you have kids, fencing should be installed around the perimeter of the play space as well as around pools, ponds, or any place where water is present. This keeps kids safe from accidents and ensures they stay out of the road. Fencing also protects your yard from unwanted wildlife intruders such as snakes, opossums, and raccoons. 

FloriFence can help you make your yard a safe and fun place for kids to play always. To learn more about kid-friendly fencing options for your backyard or pool, give us a call today!

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