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How To Make Metal Fencing Look Natural

Metal fencing is a beautiful and durable option for most homes and businesses. Aluminum fencing is popular for gardens and front entrances as it allows for visibility in and out of the property. Sheet metal fencing, on the other hand, offers privacy and a uniquely modern look that separates your fencing from the rest of the block. While both options are durable and aesthetically pleasing, they can look more harsh and industrial than wood or vinyl fencing.  

If you want to soften the hard edges of your metal fencing, you can try some of these alterations:  

Add a wooden frame. 

Solid metal fencing can look harsh and industrial, especially in residential areas. You can soften the edges by adding wood panels or a wooden border. This transforms the cold metal look into a rustic and chic fence design.  

Paint your fence a new color. 

Most metal fencing can be painted or powder coated prior to installation. Rather than choosing a black or silver color, try muted grey tones or a color that matches your house.  

Grow climbing vines around the fence.  

One of the easiest ways to put a softer edge on your metal fencing is to grow a climbing vibe, creating a trellis. This immediately transforms a modern and cold metal fence into a rustic, dreamy garden fence design. Star jasmine and honeysuckle are popular options in Florida that can be grown throughout the spring and summer.  

Grow hedges or other greenery on the fence border. 

When growing climbing vines, you risk overgrowth causing structural issues with your fence. If the vines grow too quickly, they can weigh down your fence and be very difficult to cut back. You can avoid this risk by adding shrubs, flowers, or other greenery around the fence that doesn’t actually grow on it.  

FloriFence can help you make the most of your fence by helping you shape your design and landscaping to fit your intended style. To learn more about your options for metal fencing, contact us today! 

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