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How to Keep Snakes and Other Reptiles Out of Your Yard 

Florida is home to one of America’s most biodiverse ecosystems. The Everglades and similar swamps and marshes host a variety of beautiful wildlife that we are able to explore at any time. While seeing this incredible wildlife at local state parks and nature preserves can be an exciting experience, seeing it in our backyards is a different story.  

Florida homeowners have found wild reptiles of all kinds in their backyards, from Burmese pythons to iguanas, alligators, and many more. These reptiles not only pose a threat to our safety, but can easily become injured themselves in our pools and manmade structures. If you want to keep both your family and the local wildlife safe, it is best to prevent unwanted interactions in the backyard through several methods.  

Below are three different ways you can prevent wildlife encounters in your backyard to keep children, pets, and yourself safe:  

Keep the grass short. 

Snakes love environments where they can easily hide, as this is how they hunt. If your grass and greenery are overgrown, they can easily hide and hunt smaller animals. By keeping your lawn neatly manicured, you can not only prevent snakes from moving in, but it will be easier to spot them before they become a threat to your family and pets.  

Reduce food and water sources. 

Most wild animals prefer to stay out of human habitats unless there are food or water sources available. Your pool, trash cans, and gardens may be enticing enough to invite wildlife to your backyard while unoccupied. While you can’t remove these elements, you can cover pools and trash cans, and protect your gardens with garden fencing to make them less attractive to animals. This can also help keep raccoons and opossum from entering your backyard at night.  

Use privacy fencing.  

A snake may be able to fit through an aluminum or chain link fence, but it will have trouble getting over a wood or vinyl fence. If you are close to a body of water or another habitat that is reptile-friendly, we always recommend solid privacy fencing to keep children and pets safe. While it is still important to take precautions, a privacy fence will keep most dangerous wildlife out of your yard.  

FloriFence can help you design a privacy fence that looks great and keeps wildlife at a safe distance from your home. To learn more about fencing options for Florida homes, contact FloriFence today! 

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