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How To Keep Florida Wildlife Off Your Property

Those of us who live on or near the Florida coast are witness to much of Florida’s beautiful and unique wildlife. From incredible birds such as pelicans and herons to the manatees and alligators that swim up and down the waterways, we are blessed with unique flora and fauna not found anywhere else in the United States. 

While many of us love to see wildlife on nature walks or while on the boat, it’s not so fun when one of these animals shows up in your backyard. Deer, black bear, and alligators have been known to greet Florida homeowners, especially those who live on lakes or near rivers. If you are concerned about wildlife entering your property or have already had a scare, here are some tips to keep them at bay:

First, build your privacy fence. 

A privacy fence is the best defense against unwanted intruders of all kinds. A vinyl or wood fence provides the greatest protection against all animals, but chain link and aluminum will keep the largest and most dangerous animals out. Chain link and wood are easier for raccoons to climb however, so be mindful of this if you want to keep them out with your fence installation.

Remove temptations.

Most animals don’t wander into residential areas unless they have a clear motivation. Many of them will come looking for food at night, and may root through your gardens or trash cans if they smell something tasty. Make sure to never leave food outside, and keep the trash away from the house in order to prevent animals from getting too close. You may also want to fence in your garden areas with chicken wire if the problem gets out of hand. 

Spray repellents around the fence.  

If fencing alone doesn’t seem to keep the critters out, you can spray an eco-friendly repellant around your fence to protect it. Many of these repellents contain smells that deter deer and rodents, and if you choose an eco-friendly brand they will likely be safe for garden use. 

Keep the animals at bay with adequate fencing so you can still enjoy their presence and not fear repercussions. To learn more about wildlife fencing in Florida, contact FloriFence today!

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