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How to Keep A Green Lawn All Summer Long

Nothing makes a home look better than a lush lawn and garden that stays green all summer long. However, Florida residents have a harder time than most creating this reality. The scorching sun makes it easy for our lawns to dry out and become brown over the summer, unless you have time on the weekends for intense maintenance. However, if you want to make your gardening schedule more manageable, you can follow these simple tips from our staff: 

Raise the mower blade. 

Cutting the grass too short can cause damage by uprooting the blades from the soil. This will lead to uneven and dead grass, as well as allow more weeds to grow. Raise the blade of the mower to a minimum of three inches to ensure your grass can grow and stay healthy throughout the summer. 

Leave clippings on the ground. 

You may be tempted to bag grass clippings so the yard looks perfectly manicured, but this is not the healthiest option for your lawn. If you leave the clippings on the ground, they can decompose and put nutrients back into the soil, keeping the lawn healthier throughout the year. This is especially important in coastal areas where the soil is mostly sandy. 

Water your grass properly. 

You want to make sure your sprinklers aren’t causing puddles in certain areas, evaporating too quickly, or going off in the middle of a rainy day. To ensure your sprinkler is doing its best, turn it on in the mornings when the water is least likely to evaporate. Remember to turn them off on rainy days, and don’t install one in an area where drainage runs, as these areas will soak in more water naturally than elevated areas. 

Add plants. 

A perfectly flat and green lawn may look nice, but it does very little for the natural environment and is very difficult to maintain. Be sure to add plenty of flowers, shrubs, trees, and other foliage to provide habitat for the local wildlife and to add visual appeal to the lawn. Even if patches are dry in the summer, they won’t be as noticeable if you have beautiful flowers and citrus trees growing in your lawn. 

These tips can help make any lawn look beautiful all summer long. However, if you want to better protect your lawn from flooding, pests, and other issues, you can invest in a quality fence from FloriFence. We offer beautiful garden fencing that can help keep your lawn pristine and your home safer. 

To learn more about garden fence options for your home, contact us today!

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