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How to Fill Holes Under Your Fence

Fencing can add a great deal of value to your property. It creates privacy for yourself and security for children and pets as they play in the backyard. However, they are not a foolproof solution, especially if changes in the landscape or a digging animal causes gaps underneath. 

Holes underneath fencing are unfortunately common, especially for those with dogs who dig in the backyard. While prevention of such holes is preferable, there are several ways you can fill them in easily: 

Steel mesh

Steel mesh is a great option for filling areas where dogs continually dig under fencing. This can deter them from repeat offenses by making it impossible to dig deep enough to escape. Steel mesh is also relatively inexpensive and easy to install into the ground for a dig-proof barrier. 

Wood planks

Wood planks make great hole fillers because they can be cut and customized to fit the exact space you need. Wood planks can also be easily covered with foliage or gravel to hide the appearance of the filler. 


For small holes, you can add decorative stone around the border of your fence to fill gaps and add a unique landscaping element to your yard. Larger stones can stop dogs from digging under the fence, while gravel or smaller stones can create unique pathways and borders for your gardens that fill gaps without being obvious they are being used for filler. 


If you have recurring gap issues with your fence, you may need to install a concrete foundation to prevent them in the future. Whether they occur through erosion or animal digging holes can cause long-term problems for your fencing if you’re not careful. A concrete foundation will ensure your fence has stable ground in order to function and will stop all issues you have with gaps underneath. 

If you’re interested in other fencing DIYs or help with fence maintenance issues, visit our Resource Center. 

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