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How to ensure your wooden fence lasts

Many property owners in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties select a wooden fence for their property because it provides privacy and aesthetic appeal. It is a classic choice for homeowners who want to protect children and pets in their yard. However, there are important considerations for selecting a wood fence in the tropical Florida climate.

Unlike an aluminum or other metal fence, wooden fences can rot or warp over time, especially if they are not well-maintained. It is more cost-effective to invest in maintaining your fence properly than to let it succumb to a shorter lifespan and replace it sooner. If your wooden fence is in need of maintenance or replacement, one of FloriFence’s qualified team can meet with you on-site to inspect the fence and make a recommendation for next steps.

Working with a highly qualified fencing contractor like FloriFence can make the difference in the lifespan of your wooden fence. A weak fence that falls apart will require more maintenance and not be as durable as one that was installed correctly with quality materials from the start. Let FloriFence help you avoid this scenario and keep your property secure.

Additionally, FloriFence only uses the highest-quality fencing products, all American-made. If you build your fence with low-quality wood it is likely to deteriorate faster. Save yourself the cost and trouble of this scenario by working with FloriFence to select quality materials prior to your fence installation.

Finally, using the correct hardware is a must. FloriFence only uses materials that are meant for outdoor use, so they can withstand Florida’s unique climate. We want you to enjoy your fence and secure property for many years to come, please contact us today for a site visit and to plan for your fence installation.

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