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How To Determine Fence Height Based on Your Home’s Needs

Fence height is something that most of our customers never consider before we ask them during their consultation. Unless they want something specific – such as a low picket fence for their garden – most customers don’t realize they have plenty of options for their fence height. They also don’t realize that some fences must be a certain height and that each county in Florida has different limitations for residential and commercial fencing. 

To determine the right fence height for your next installation, consider the following factors with your FloriFence contractor: 

If you have a pool

In Hillsborough and Pinellas counties, most residential areas require at least a four-foot fence if the property has a pool. This is to keep children and animals safe from accidentally falling in, and must meet other guidelines for post spacing and gates to ensure they are safe. 

If you have a dog or live near a wooded area

If you are trying to keep a pet inside the fence, or wildlife such as deer out, a six-foot fence is recommended. You may be able to build even higher in some rural areas, but typically six feet is standard for residential properties of any kind. This is usually tall enough to keep dogs inside and will block their view to discourage climbing or jumping over the fence.

If you want to fence in your front yard

Front yard fencing is built shorter to ensure it does not block the view of cars pulling into or out of driveways. Typically we recommend building a front yard fence no taller than four feet, but picket fencing can be built even shorter to provide a nice view of your home and gardens.  

If you’re building on a commercial property

Commercial properties can have slightly taller fencing than residential properties, with a maximum of eight feet for most areas of Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. If you use your outdoor property to store inventory (such as on a car lot), you may want to build to the maximum height to prevent burglary. You can also go taller if you want to create a sound barrier for your commercial property. 

FloriFence can help you determine the perfect height depending on your landscape, your design choices, and compliance with local laws and ordinances. To learn more about the fence installation process or to request a quote, contact us today!

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