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How to Clean Your Wood Fence

Part of a regular routine of fence maintenance should include washing your fence. If you have a wood fence in your yard, here are some steps you can take to clean in. Remember that FloriFence is available for any fence maintenance questions you have or to schedule maintenance services.


Pressure washers can be powerful, so make sure everyone is out of the way — that includes on the opposite side of the fence. Remove anything that may be an obstacle during the cleaning process, close nearby doors and windows, and make sure that you have set up proper drainage from the resulting water flow.


If your fence is stained, pre-wash your fence with detergent or soap before using the power washer. These sections may need to be washed with a scrub brush as well.

Once you have pretreated the necessary areas, begin pressure washing the fence in sections. Use the lowest amount of pressure possible, since you don’t want to damage the wood during the washing process. First, apply water only, then add detergent, allowing it to settle for several minutes. Finally, rinse the fence beginning in the same section you started with, and applying the water along the grain of the wood.

Sealing the wood

Once your wood is fully dry (2-3 days from pressure washing), make sure you apply paint or sealant so the newly clean wood isn’t damaged by the elements. Make sure you apply sealant to every part of the fence, including gaps between posts. Make sure you pressure wash your fence annually and reapply the sealant every few years to keep your fence in optimum condition.

Contact FloriFence to get a quote for maintaining your fence if you own residential or commercial property in the Tampa Bay region.

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