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How to Child-Proof Your Backyard

Parents choose their homes not only for their own personal tastes but for the life they’ll be able to build with their children in the process. A big backyard, spacious bedrooms, and other child-related considerations are often first on the list of priorities for parents shopping for new homes. The backyard design is often the most important, especially if the parents want to raise an outdoorsy kid or have several pets as well as children.  

If you want to make your backyard a place where memories are made for your family, make sure to childproof the area with these five steps: 

Fence in your yard 

This is the first and often most obvious step for child-proofing a yard. A fenced-in yard creates a safe space for children to play freely and prevents them from accidentally running into the street. A fenced-in yard can also prevent wildlife from coming into the yard and posing a risk to young children. A childproof gate is also necessary for maximum safety and security in the backyard. 

Cover your pool and hot tub 

Fencing is required for both residential and commercial pools to prevent accidental drownings, but it never hurts to have a second line of defense for child safety. By covering your pool and hot tub, you can prevent children from being in danger in and around the pool. This can also prevent accidents if your child is able to get into the backyard by themselves.  

Childproof your garden 

Gardens can be a potentially dangerous place for children to play if there are toxic or thorny plants. To childproof your garden space, you can either fence it in and add a childproof gate, or remove any hazardous plants from your yard.  

Choose safe patio furniture and appliances. 

Just as you remove sharp edges and protruding hazards from inside the home, you should also do the same with your outdoor furniture. Any patio furniture or planter box with a sharp edge should be covered, and any outdoor outlets need to be covered. Any appliances with heat should be covered or out of reach from children, including firepits and grills when in use.  

Store garden tools safely.  

The garage or shed should be locked to prevent children from getting a hold of garden tools, lawnmowers, or any other tool that could be potentially hazardous. If you bring children into the shed, make sure they are supervised at all times to prevent accidents.  

Childproofing your backyard makes it a safe place to play and have fun in the sunshine, and can be a simple process with the right tools. If you’d like to learn more about fencing options for your home and garden, contact FloriFence today! 

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