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How To Build a Fence on Uneven Terrain

Generally speaking, fencing installations do not take more than a few days to complete, even on larger properties. Many homeowners believe they can DIY their fence installation – that is, until they must build on uneven terrain. A fence built on a slope, hill, or uneven ground can be very tricky with or without professional help. However, with the right skills and tools you can make your fence look seamless on any ground. 

The stepping method

If you have a slight slope on your property (12 inches or less per 8 feet), you can use a simple stepping method with pre-assembled fencing. This method keeps the fence parallel and meets the slope of the ground with small gaps between sections. For a gradual slope, the gaps are not noticeable and do not interfere with the function of the fence. However, it can be problematic for pet owners as this makes it easier for dogs to dig under the fence. 

The racking method

For a more heavily sloped terrain or a landscape where multiple hills are present, you may want to go with the racking method for your fencing. This method curves with the slope of the land which makes it more compatible with pet fencing and steep inclines. This method of fencing requires individual installation of panels and is not recommended for DIY installation. 

Tips to Prepare for Your Fence Installation

If you are building on uneven terrain, your FloriFence contractor may recommend leveling the ground before installing your fence. If this is the case, you can help them prepare by following these three steps prior to your installation: 

  • Check with your HOA and city to obtain needed permits for leveling and fence installation
  • Locate buried utilities and other permanent underground structures on your property
  • Identify property lines 

With the help of your FloriFence contractor, you can easily install a fence on any terrain regardless of how sloped it is. To learn more about options for hilly or uneven landscapes, give us a call today!

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