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How To Build A Dog Run for Your Yard

Having furry friends in your home is one of the greatest joys in life. Dogs love unconditionally and provide so many benefits to your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. However, having a dog in a smaller apartment or home can be tricky, especially if they are active and love to play outdoors. 

If you have a pet who loves to run, consider building a dog run in your backyard! A dog run is a smaller, fenced-in area of your yard that is built solely for your dog. This can help prevent your pets from digging in the gardens or can allow you to limit fencing in your yard if you live on the waterfront. No matter the reason, building a dog run can provide so much value for both your home and your pets. Here’s how to do it:

Choose the right turf. 

Dogs have different habits, so there is no one-size-fits-all for dog run turf. For dogs that aren’t active diggers, natural grass may be perfectly acceptable. However, if your dog has a digging habit, gravel or artificial turf may help deter them from digging under the fence. 

Talk about fence options. 

Dog runs are typically made with chain link or wire because they are affordable materials, but these aren’t your only options. You can build a dog run just like you do a privacy fence with wood or vinyl. However, chain link may provide you a better view of your dog’s activities if you want a taller fence. 

Consider adding a roof. 

If your dog is a climber, it may be able to easily escape a chain link or wire fence. If this is the case, consider adding a roof or adjustable top enclosure to keep your dog safe while they play. 

Size your dog run correctly. 

Your pet needs plenty of space to enjoy their dog run and not feel trapped in a cage. Ideally, you should size your dog run to be two or four times the width and seven to ten times the length of your dog. For example, a 4×10 foot dog run is a great size for a toy breed. A larger dog, however, may need an 8×16 foot dog run to meet size minimum requirements.

Provide shade, toys, and water.

If your dog run does not have a roof, be sure to add a doghouse or a small tree to provide shade for them while they play. You can also install a permanent water bowl and add some of their favorite toys so they can be occupied for several hours unsupervised. However, during the summer, be sure to monitor your dog to prevent overheating. 

Dog runs are great options for playtime that you can both enjoy. To learn more about fencing options for dog runs or backyards, give FloriFence a call today!

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