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How to Best Place Your Backyard Fence 

Most people don’t think twice about the placement of their fence prior to installation. They typically assume the fence will go right along the property line or will go where the previously installed fence was placed. However, this is not always ideal depending on the location of trees, utilities, and other elements of your property.  

Before you DIY your fence installation or meet with your contractor, consider these factors for placing your fence correctly: 

Decide whether to enclose trees. 

In many cases, trees will be on or close to your property line. If you don’t want to cut them down, you’ll need to decide whether to enclose them in the yard or move the fence inward to avoid them being close to your fence line. If you choose to enclose them, make sure the trees have several feet of room to grow and for you to landscape around them.  

Avoid utility and water lines. 

In general, it is required to avoid underground utility lines and piping when constructing a fence, as it can prevent city access for repairs in the future. Before you place your fence, your contractors will contact the city to locate any of these underground utilities. However, if you’re pacing a DIY fence, you must do this yourself. 

Avoid uneven terrain if possible.  

Some fencing is more difficult to build on uneven terrain. If possible, avoid any area of your property that has dips or rocky patches, as these can make your installation more lengthy and expensive. If you can’t avoid this, ask your contractor about leveling or different fencing options for uneven terrain.  

Fencing installations are a complex process that is best done with a professional contractor. While you can DIY some fence types, you should always talk to a local professional to ensure your fence is installed correctly and will stand the test of time.  

To learn more about fence placement, styles, and pricing in your local area, contact FloriFence today! 

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