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How To Be A Good Neighbor During Your Fence Installation

A new fence installation is an exciting home improvement project for homeowners, but it doesn’t just affect you. Once you build a fence, your neighbors’ yards are also changed, which means you need to be careful about your approach in order to not upset those around you. While you have the right to build what you want on your property, there are some simple rules of fencing etiquette to follow in order to make your project go smoothly:

Determine the exact location of your property boundaries.

It is not only rude but also illegal to build fencing that extends past your property boundary without your neighbor’s permission. If you think you know the property boundaries but are not sure, contact the records office or locate the blueprints of your home to determine exactly where your property begins and ends. 

Let your neighbors know ahead of time that you’ll be building. 

A fence installation will likely be disruptive to your neighbors, so it’s best to let them know in advance when you’re planning to build. They might have been considering a fence of their own or have plans for landscaping that could change depending on what and when you install your fence. A simple conversation can help you proactively include your neighbors and maintain a cordial relationship for years to come. 

Face the “finished” side toward your neighbor’s property. 

Most wood and vinyl fences have a side that is completely flat and even, and another with posts that protrude outward. Be sure to face the flat side toward the street and your neighbors’ properties to give them the best view and to increase your own curb appeal. The only time this won’t apply is if your fencing faces an alley or other unoccupied street. 

Building a fence is a great way to increase your curb appeal and with the right approach, it can make your relationship with your neighbors even stronger. To learn more about your installation options, contact FloriFence today.

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