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How Much Should You Invest in Fencing For Your Property?

Oftentimes the first question we hear from new customers is, “How much does a fence installation cost?” It’s a scary question for some, as they may not know whether they can afford the fencing of their dreams or if their budget is way out of line. We understand this hesitation and know that most homeowners want to get their fence installed for a bargain. However, there are several reasons why we recommend investing in a high-quality fence over a cheap installation. 

Reasons to View Fencing As An Investment

Your fence isn’t just a practical application for your yard. It becomes a part of the character of your home, and will likely be there for as long as you are. Below are just a few reasons that fencing should be a product you put some careful consideration — as well as money — into before you begin: 

  • Fencing will last 15+ years at minimum 
  • Fencing enhances curb appeal
  • Fencing makes your home safer for children and pets to play
  • Fences often raise the value of homes when it comes time to sell
  • Renovating your fence can improve the value and style of older and historic homes

Typically, we recommend homeowners set aside between $3000 to $6000 for their fence installation. This may be higher than some estimates, but the cost of the fence will be more than materials and labor. You want to budget for custom fence and topper options, consult with a land surveyor if needed, and additions such as pathways or landscaping to complete the look. You also don’t want to be limited in material choice by your budget. 

Wood and chain link fences will be on the lower end, while aluminum and vinyl are more expensive. The longer you can save, the higher quality fence you can afford that will last you for decades. This is not a decision you want to rush into! If you really want a quality fence, wait until you can afford the one you really want.

FloriFence offers quality and affordable fence installations for Florida homeowners. We work hard to ensure you get the exact fence style and design you want and provide plenty of information to make the best decisions. If you’d like to learn more about your options or schedule a quote and consultation, contact us today!

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