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How Much Does My Fencing Add to My Home Value? 

Fencing can add a great deal of value to your home both practically and aesthetically. A well-built fence adds to the curb appeal of your home, and can even lower home insurance rates as it can protect your home from wildlife, burglary, and vandalism. However, is a fence valuable enough to add to your home before selling? Or is it more valuable as a personal choice rather than as an investment? 

On average it is believed that a fence can have an ROI of approximately 50-70% over a lifetime, or around $1500-$2000 dollars on your home’s value. However, several factors will influence the value of your fence over time, and in your appraiser’s evaluation if and when you choose to sell your home:  

  • The material – Long-lasting materials like aluminum and vinyl are considered higher value because they require little maintenance and will look new for longer than materials like chain-link and wood.  
  • The style – Stylistic choices are highly personal, but some styles look better with certain homes than others. For example, if you have a historic cottage, a rustic wood or metal fence may increase the curb appeal more than a modern vinyl or chain link fence.  
  • The installation – Regardless of style or material, if your fence is not installed correctly, your fence will not add much value to your home. Make sure you hire a reputable contractor that can install a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing fence for your yard.  

Fencing can not only add home value, but can help you feel safer and proud of the home you’ve built. If you’re interested in finding the perfect fence style for your property, contact FloriFence today to learn more! 

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