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How Much Does A Vinyl Fence Cost?

FloriFence is a leading fencing installation team in South and Central Florida. We offer all types of fencing, from wood to chain link, aluminum, and even vinyl fencing. Vinyl, however, is quickly becoming one of our most popular sellers. This durable and versatile fencing material can be used for both commercial and residential projects. However, before you begin your vinyl fencing installation, it’s important to do your research and learn about the pros and cons of this material. 

Vinyl fencing is typically priced between $20 and $30 per square foot depending on its height, style, and color option. While not the cheapest fencing option, there are several benefits to choosing vinyl over other fencing materials: 

  • Vinyl fencing is durable. Vinyl is one of the most durable fencing options available. It is waterproof, heavy, and will not crack or chip over time. These fences can last 20 years or more with proper maintenance. 
  • Powder coating options offer an array of custom colors. Unlike chain link or aluminum, you can choose the color of your vinyl fencing from many different powder coats. This color option is proven to last longer than wood paints, which means fewer touchups as your fencing ages. 
  • Vinyl offers privacy and security. Vinyl is typically installed in slats similar to wood fencing, which offers an opaque barrier between your property and the outside world. This not only offers privacy, but can add heightened security to your property. Vinyl fencing is much more difficult to remove or break than aluminum and chain link. 

As you can see, vinyl is well worth the added expense because of its longevity, value, and aesthetic benefits. It is an ideal privacy fence that will last 20 years or more and perfectly complement your existing home design. However, if you’d like to explore other options, contact your FloriFence team today!

We offer full-service vinyl fencing installation as well as services for wood, aluminum, metal, and chain link fencing. Talk to a sales representative to learn about vinyl pricing, installation times, design services, and more. 

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