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How Long Will My Fence Last?

Fencing is a part of the character of your home. It turns a backyard into a safe place for kids to play. It makes a home more charming and improves curb appeal. A fence can enhance security and keep dangerous wildlife away from your loved ones. However, not all fences will last as long as your home does. 

In addition to the danger of storm damage or unpredictable accidents, your fence will begin to deteriorate over time. The magnitude and speed of this deterioration largely depend on the material you choose for your fence. Below you can find out what to generally expect for your fence depending on the material used and the maintenance you put into your fence: 

Wood fencing: 15-30 years

Wood fencing is the most difficult fence to preserve over time. It is highly susceptible to water damage and cheaper materials may not last even 10 years with proper care. However, FloriFence uses high-quality woods that will last 10-15 years untreated, and even longer if they are painted or stained and maintained properly. 

Chain link fencing: 20-40 years

Chain link is often thought of as a weak fencing material because it is so thin and minimal. However, chain link that is high quality will last for several decades as long as it is not cut or damaged by something heavy. Chain link is also an exceptional choice for Florida homeowners because it can withstand hurricane-force winds better than more solid fences that will buckle under the pressure more easily.  

Aluminum fencing: 30-50 years

Aluminum fencing is incredibly durable, as it is both water-resistant and won’t rot or develop mold over time. While aluminum fencing is more easily damaged due to its lightweight frame and thinner rails, when cared for properly it can last nearly a lifetime. Be careful to take care of your aluminum fencing and you can expect to keep it for the entire time you are a homeowner. 

Vinyl fencing: Lifetime expectancy

Vinyl is by far the most durable option for homeowners. It is made of a heavy-duty plastic that doesn’t break down or fade over time. With the exception of accidental damage such as fallen trees, there is no reason to think you’ll ever have to replace your vinyl fencing. 

At FloriFence, we can make any fence you desire last for decades. What matters the most is the aesthetic appeal and practical application, as a high-quality fence that is skillfully installed will last longer than any fence type that is installed by an inexperienced team. To talk to a FloriFence contractor about your options or to schedule a consultation, contact us. 

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