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How Long Does A Fence Installation Take?

Many homeowners are eager to get their fence installed as soon as possible, and for good reason. Fencing is just as much a practical addition to the home as it is an aesthetic one. If you don’t have a fenced-in backyard, children and pets can’t play freely and unwanted visitors may encroach on your backyard. While we understand the rush, it’s important for you to get the best installation possible, which may take some time. 

Most residential fencing projects take between 1 and 5 days to complete. The exact timeframe will depend on several factors including yard size, fence material, and whether or not there is old fencing to replace. Below are some of the factors to consider when planning time for your fence installation:


Your fence installation may take longer if you are building on rocky or uneven terrain. Prepwork must take place to level the ground as much as possible, or to plan a stepped design that will flow smoothly with the curve of the land. You may also need to pour concrete or dig up plants that are in the way of your fence’s layout. This usually only takes an extra day or two, depending on the size of the property and prepwork needed to begin. 


While most residential fences will only take one to three days, larger properties and commercial facilities can take up to a week to fence. If you’re fencing in something like an industrial complex or a ranch, you’ll need to plan for an extended time period.


Simple fences such as chain link won’t take more than two days for a residential yard, but more difficult materials to work with such as vinyl and metal will take two to four days for even small yards. Additions such as trimwork and custom gates can add more time to the project, but are well-worth it in the end.

Replacement of old fencing

If you’re replacing an old fence, budget an extra day for tear down and cleanup of the fencing material. Even simple fences like chain link require several hours minimum to ensure the ground is level and all debris is cleared before starting the new installation. 

Fence installations take time, but they are worth the investment. A fence makes your backyard or commercial space much more practical and secure. To learn more about fencing options for your property, contact our offices today!

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