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How High Can you Go? Understanding Fence Height Regulations

It’s time to build a fence around your property. You can envision the privacy, security and grandeur. However, before your imagination runs too wild, it’s important to understand the state and local laws around fence heights.

Fencing laws may vary from residential to commercial and based on local ordinances so it’s always important to check your specific laws. However, the general rule is that solid fences (where more than 25 to 30 percent of the fence is opaque) are limited to four feet in front yards, six feet in back yards, and eight feet in commercial applications.

Bring the Law On Your Side

Should the legal limits for fence height not suit your needs, it is possible to shift the law in your favor. For example, if you have a loud or unsightly neighbor (think a gas station or fast food restaurant) you may be eligible to receive a one-time exemption to allow for a taller fence. This exemption, called a variance, can help ensure you get the privacy you need while staying within the parameters of the law.

Reach Out First

Fences may create a physical barrier between neighbors, but there’s no need for a fence to create an emotional barrier too. A simple step is to have a conversation with the property owners who will be impacted by the new fence. Getting their support can help reduce concerns or issues in the long run and can provide additional support should you need a variance.

Location, Location

In Florida, waterfront property is common. However, those beautiful coastal views may also impact the height and opacity requirements of back yard fences. While general backyard fences can be six feet tall, many waterfront properties have four-foot limits in order to ensure all neighbors can keep their views while still allowing you to secure your property.                                                           

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